Identity is designed to support the development of accommodation units, food establishments, transport and car rental companies, tourist attractions, recreational and leisure facilities as well as other public or private goods or services that are required in a tourist destination. The system also includes designing the destination from the beginning or remodeling the entire destination according to the unique and memorable experience provided to the tourist.

In many cases entrepreneurs or authorities think and develop their activities considering only the growth of financial indicators, without starting from the needs, desires and demands of the tourist. In this way, their activity is no longer performing and even more, they don’t understand the reason.

Characteristics of business tourism consist in the unique experience that is designed and provided to the tourist. No client will return to a destination if he has not lived a positive, intense, unique and memorable experience. In these conditions, an even more important thing is that he would never recommend a place if it wasn’t special enough.

Tourism is the world’s largest industry, connecting various fields of activity and giving people the chance to see all the cultural peculiarities. Although tourism has long been classified as a service, it is now obvious that this field operates with experiences, mixes of goods, services, events, people, places, etc. Marketing in tourism or Tourism marketing becomes in this way the solution emphasizing the differentiation.


Tourism marketing understands every product as an experience, developing it from the level of the fundamental advantage to the potential level, by overcoming the expectations of the clients. After all, everything is about the interconnection between the affective side of the tourist and the destination by anchoring points of parity and differentiation in the mind of the target group.


In the actual economic environment, it is extremely important to be aware of the difference between the projection of the product and the tourist perception. In addition, communicating cultural values of a destination to foreign tourists from a different culture becomes a real challenge.  In this domain, it is necessary to overcome cultural barriers, making any tourist spot a place to fulfill all desires.


The market is constantly changing, so classic business models cannot work anymore. They often reach a level beyond which they can no longer grow. That’s why identifying innovative, technology-based solutions that can change your business model is the perfect solution for you. In both Romania and abroad, tourism marketing consultancy can be your support. Our solutions are based on the consumer understanding through sensory marketing research, emotional marketing, neuromarketing, experiential marketing, digital marketing, destination marketing, or site marketing.


The Tourism Consulting Team offers you a wide and complex range of services and goods that will support you to achieve the objectives of continuous growth both on the domestic and international market. Tourism Consultants, through their experience gained over the time, are your ideal partners that can help you to meet challenges and create competitive advantages. The members of the tourism consultancy team work in the private and academic environment, teaching at renowned universities in the country and doing research at prestigious Institutes of the Romanian Academy.